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Potatoes are everyone’s favorite as they make delicious and crunchy snacks. They grow all over the world and are an excellent tonic for your health. A place for customers for fresh and quality snacks. We innovate potatoes in a way which excite you to make them part of your lifestyle.

Potadose know very well that people love for potadose keeps on increasing and as “we work to please people”, potato lover’s cravings are ready to be served by our delightful taste.

In a tiny space of time potadose had marked a massive impact on customer’s hearts.


Cook delicious potato products for your life.

Potadose Brand Story

Dr. Pots just graduated, all educated & equipped. Centuries of tyrannical rule finally comes to an end; independence has been granted. No more ruthless chopping, no harsh peelings and no extreme boiling. Tonnes have managed to escape the fields, standing round & solid today. Dr. Pots leads them all, with just one secret dose of divine taste, potadose. Potadose is going to be a positive addiction for every kid, teenager, grownups and elderly out there. The idea is to position the brand as top of mind recall when it comes to snacking. This will entail all the situations when a snack craving occurs like Midnight Emergencies, Last minute snacking plans with friends, Cheer up someone, Weekend snacking with family. Focusing on these insights, Potadose will position itself as a fun yet healthy brand, which is something that no other brand is doing in the food industry.

Brand Personality:

Potadose holds the characteristics of a witty brand. The trait of wit would encompass all of the following:

  • Smart
  • Swift
  • Funny
  • Hip
  • Trendy
  • Outspoken
  • Healthy
  • Trust-worthy